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LTL (Less than truckload freight shipping)

LTL or partial truck loading is a transportation option when the freight of one consigner occupies a part of the vehicle’s cargo space. That is, consignments of goods from several shippers are collected at the carrier’s warehouse, then placed in a car following in one direction..

How cargo is shipped under the LTL scheme?

After registration of LTL transportation, the car of the transport company picks up the freight from the customer’s warehouse. The consignment is delivered to the consolidation warehouse, marked and stored at the place where other LTL transportation objects are already awaiting departure. In accordance with the schedule, the carrier’s car arrives to load the groupage cargo, united by one direction of delivery. After arriving at the destination, the cargo is moved to the consolidation warehouse for subsequent delivery to the consignee’s address. Consolidated cargo should not contain incompatible products and materials. For example, perishable and long shelf life or fragile and metal items are not allowed to be shipped in one car.

Sky Fly Trucking provides
many benefits of LTL transportation to the customers.
Low cost
Our transport company set relatively low tariffs for the transportation of freight under the LTL scheme, since the customer pays for only one piece, and not for the entire cargo space in the car.
We are responsible for the safety of the freight not only during transportation to the destination, but also for the entire period of its storage in the consolidation warehouse. According to the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) standards, cargo is accepted for LTL transportation if its volume does not exceed one third of the volume of the truck’s cargo space. That is, the customer can send cargo weighing from 75 kg to 10 tons. LTL transportation is beneficial to use when sending small and medium consignments of goods. Transportation of cargo according to the LTL scheme is not as efficient as, for example, FTL transportation, since it takes some time to consolidate the cargo.

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