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Specialised Freight Transportation

Sky Fly Truckingoffers you services for the implementation, organization and provision of domestic and international commercial cargo transportation by road. We don’t only provide road transport services for individuals, such as moving to a new place of residence but we also carry out commercial freight road transport under long-term contracts for legal entities. We have our own fleet of trucks for various purposes and different carrying capacities. We offer our customers regular freight road transport in the following directions: within cities and in suburban traffic (for megacities); across USA; international cargo transportation from Canada. The vehicle fleet of Sky Fly Trucking and our contractors allows us to transport the following types of cargo: food products, including those requiring special storage and transportation conditions, except for perishable and frozen products; consumer goods: cosmetics, hygiene products, household chemicals, etc.; footwear, clothing and accessories; pharmaceutical products; large and small household appliances and electronics; industrial and agricultural equipment and components; spare parts for the automotive industry; DIY products, hand tools, plumbing; chemicals and dangerous goods and others We offer our customers road transport and logisticsalong the entire chain, including the participation of different types of transport, which allows us to serve routes of any complexity and length. Our managers will tell you more about the services provided when contacting Sky Fly Trucking. They will answer all your questions about cargo transportation.

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